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Earth Day / Explore the Outdoors

Videos and Resources

Earth Day | All About the Holidays

The first Earth Day was recognized in 1970 as a day to encourage all Americans to care for our planet. How do you celebrate in your community today? (Grades K-5)

Gratitude and the Environment

In this lesson, students discuss the meaning of gratitude and write their personal expressions of gratitude. Students then explore the connection between gratitude and a concern for the environment. (Grades 5-8)

Backyard Wildlife

Take a field trip in your own backyard. Who shares that space with you? What do they eat? Where do they live? Explore with your students using this resource from KET as your guide! (Grades PreK-1)

Nature Cat | Ants Revolution

Have your students ever seen ants marching with small scraps of food? Where do they go? Follow their trail with Nature Cat and friends! (Grades PreK-2)

How a Frog Becomes a Frog

Many animals look like tiny versions of their parents when they're born, but not frogs! Follow along as frogs grow in this video from KET. (Grades PreK-3)

The Energy From the Sun | Ready Jet Go!

"Why is the sun so hot?" Have students ever asked you this question? Explore the answers with Ready Jet Go! (Grades PreK-3)

Nest Building Teamwork

Challenge students to work together and think like Red-Billed Hornbills as they design a way to protect a motherbird and her nest in this video and lesson plan from PBS Nature. (Grades K-4)

Kids Go Green: Waste Less

Does your school have a Green Team? Cyberchase takes us along to see how one school's Green Team helps with recycling, composting, and more! (Grades K-5)

Nature Cat | Marsh Explorers!

Explore marsh ecosystems and how important it is to keep nature clean with Nature Cat and his friends in this classroom activity from PBS LearningMedia. (Grades 1-2)

Ocean Life - Clips | Wild Kratts

Explore the ocean with Wild Kratts! From examining ocean animals and food chains to building your own aquarium, explore it all on PBS LearningMedia. (Grades 1-3)

Bird Feeder Fractions - Wild Kratts

With this activity from Wild Kratts, your class will have fun feeding your neighborhood birds while boosting studentís measurement skills and introducing fractions. (Grades 1-3)

Scientists Develop Technology to Study Antarctic Waters

Engineering principles are used to create lots of different things! In this video, students can see how scientists used engineering to better track penguins foraging in Antarctica. (Grades 5-12)

Pesticide Early Warnings | Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson warned about the unhealthy consequences of synthetic pesticides in her book "Silent Spring." In this video from American Experience PBS, students explore the warning signs that led to Carson's findings. (Grades 9-12)

Pollution and the Environmental Movement

Explore the birth of the modern environmental movement, the Environmental Protection Agency, and environmental laws in the United States with this video and discussion questions from American Masters. (Grades 6-12)

Teddy Roosevelt and the Grand Canyon | Ken Burns: The National Parks

In May 1903, Teddy Roosevelt saw the Grand Canyon for the first time, saying, "leave it as it is; the ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it." (Grades 6-12)

Bringing the Universe to America's Classrooms

These earth and space resources emphasize student engagement with the core ideas and practices of the Next Generation Science Standards and are supported by rich contextual materials. (Grades K-12)

Gulf Detectives Series

An exciting opportunity for students to access beaches, coastal wetlands, Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico without leaving their desks. (Grades 5-8)

Planet H2O

APT and McWane Science Center presents a series of videos all about water for grades 3-12.

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